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Meet Abigail!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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Bass clarinet
Abigail is the second member of her family to join the Delano Clarinet Choir.  Her older sister, Angelique Joy, is also a member.  Both Abigail and her sister enjoy all kinds of sports as well as music.  She particularly enjoys basketball, martial arts (see below) and was drum major for the Almond Tree Middle School Band from 1999-2001.  She also enjoys cheerleading to stay in shape!!  She has an older brother, Genesis, who is also a musician and was chosen to be drum major for the Delano High School Band for 2002-03.  Angelique is also part of the D.H.S. band.  Abigail started out in the group on a regular Bb clarinet, but has since switched to bass.  She likes it so much that she now plays the bass clarinet at school as well!
Abigail's brother, Genesis, tries to hold her still for a photo before the big game.  Don't worry, Abigail!  You look great!!
Abigail front and center showing us her martial arts technique.
Got any boards to break?
Abigail plays for her brother graduating from Almond Tree Middle School in 1999
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