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Meet Ana Maria!
Delano Clarinet Choir Member since:
Part currently playing:
Bass  Clarinet
What?  That's not a clarinet....
I guess she's multi - talented!
Ana Maria has been waiting to get into the Delano Clarinet Choir for some time, asking about rehearsal times, places, and events.  Well, now she has her wish, starting as a full fledged member beginning in September of 2000.   Welcome aboard, Ana Maria!
Here's Ana Maria taking home everything but the kitchen sink at the 2003 Almond Tree Middle School awards night!  Don't fall over carrying all those medals and certificates...
The Early Years
Awwwww.... how cute!!  Here's Ana Maria before she knew how to read music (I think...)
Here she is some time later in elementary school blowing her first notes on the clarinet.  It wasn't long before she was ready for the advanced band even after just a few months of playing!
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