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Angelique Joy!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
2nd clarinet
Angelique and a very tiny friend
Angelique is a fairly recent addition to the Delano Clarinet Choir.  She loves sports, being active in basketball and martial arts (as you will see later on down this page).  She stays very active and plays the piano as well.  Her sister, Abigail, is also in the group playing bass clarinet.  They also have a brother, Genesis (see Robelyn's web page) who is also a musician and the 2002-03 drum major for the Delano High School band.  Angelique also enjoys surfing the net in her spare time and staying in touch with long distance friends over e-mail.
Helping out at the annual Kid's Race Against Drugs, Angelique Joy pauses for a quick smile Dancing the night away, Angelique Joy gets an unexpected surprise from a camera lens
Front and center...
Angelique is seen here performing "Hungarian Rhapsody" at the annual Delano Music Memorial Scholarship Concert in 1998
Angelique Joy... her other side!
Someday Angelique Joy may be wearing her clarinet as a black belt!  Here at the martial arts exhibition at the annual
Philippine Weekend barrio fiesta in July of 1999, she shows us all how she fights off the guys!
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