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Meet Aubree Lou!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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Bass Clarinet
Aubree started on a regular Bb soprano clarinet in elementary school and now plays the bass.  She enjoys dance, listening to music, and hanging out with the Delano High School winter percussion group that her brother Aaron is involved with.  She is active in school - working on the yearbook, Club Live, and the DHS live wire (her school newspaper).  She also enjoys helping out with Philippine Weekend in the summer.  Aubree won first place in the district oral language festival back in 2003.  Congratulations, Aubree!!
Happy Birthday to you....
Aubree and her friends at her 13th birthday party in November of 2003
Aubree with her friends Mary, Maureen and Chessa posing with their dance medals at the 2003 Philippine Weekend
The Early Years
Here's Aubree dressed as "Aeris" from Final Fantasy VII for halloween in 1999.  She was quite a trend setter, setting the stage for lots of  future Final Fantasy costumes!
Getting her hands icky for Girl Scouts!
In a more recent photo, here are the dancing divas Adrienne, Aubree, and Jennifer Jane
Flower child?
Soccer star?
Grandma, Aubree, and Nicole
Aubree and her mom!
Dad, brother Aaron, and Aubree
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