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Meet Beverly!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
B clarinet
Beverly has been playing in the Delano Clarinet Choir for some time now, and although she was gone for a while we are happy to see her back!  Beverly enjoys spending time with her friends and being a 'part of it all'.  She has been playing the clarinet for several years, and is becoming a stronger player month after month.  Beverly likes being involved!  On the right, she is seen with her friends Marvi and Elsiemae who are also in the clarinet choir.
Beautiful young ladies!  If you look closely, you can spot other clarinet choir members here
Janah, Elsiemae, Marvi)
The Early Years
Now THAT'S a baby picture!
She doesn't look to happy...
Here's a picture of Beverly in an early school photo.  How cute!!  Below, you can see Beverly in elementary school trying her hands at the flute which she also can play quite well...
Here she is playing a duet with Robelyn, also one of our members
Here's one of my favorite pictures of Beverly (although she may disagree) stuffing her face with s'mores at the Wild Water Adventure Park.
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