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Meet Bibsy!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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C clarinet
Bibsy is a new addition to the Delano Clarinet Choir who really likes to play!  She has played both the clarinet and saxophone for three years.  Besides being a musician, she is quite energetic - being chosen as a cheerleader over the last two years.  In addition, she's not just one who sits on the sidelines... she enjoys basketball, volleyball, and flag football.  I guess this means she could cheer herself onto victory!
Bibsy's older sister at the Almond Tree Middle School graduation 2002
On the left is Bibsy with her friends Karen and RizzaKaren and Rizza are also in the clarinet choir.  Bibsy enjoys hanging out with her friends at the pizza parlor after school and sometimes on weekends.  Judging from the way these young ladies look, they can afford to eat all the pizza they want!
The Early Years
Awww... how cute!!
Here's bibsy back in her younger days being crowned Queen of the Philippines (well, maybe not... but at least she gets my vote!)
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