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Meet Candie!  Our Delano Clarinet Choir percussionist!
Candie and his family are certainly no strangers to the Delano Clarinet Choir.  His older sister Catherine was a member of the original Fluteworks and his younger sister Charistel plays 1st clarinet in the group.  Candie made his performance debut in February of 1999 when he played the snare drum solo in an arrangement of "Saving Private ryan" during the Delano Music Memorial concert.  Candie has been a wonderful addition to the group, accompanying us on music like "In The Mood", "Friend Like Me", and other fast lively musical arrangements.  He is the percussion section leader of the Delano High School Band and has even started a band of his own!
Are you ready?
Candie checking out the drum set right before our June 2000 performance at Disneyland
Fluteworks and the Delano Clarinet Choir perform "Hymn To The Fallen" from the movie "Saving Private Ryan" in February of 1999 at the Delano Music Memorial concert
Candie (hidden from view) performs his snare drum solo with the combined clarinet choir and Fluteworks
Candie with his two oldest sisters, Catherine (of Fluteworks) and Charistel.  Quite a musical trio!!
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