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Meet Cassandra!
Delano Clarinet Choir Member since

Part currently playing:

C  clarinet
Cassandra is the last of a legacy in the clarinet choir!  All of her older siblings are musicians, beginning with Catherine from the original Fluteworks; Candie - our percussionist for several years, and Charistel who was one of the group's strongest players.  Cassandra has many talents... music is only a fraction of what this young lady can do!  She is also quite an accomplished dancer, and has won numerous awards - in dance and also many other talent contests.  Cassandra began on alto saxophone as did Jennifer, but the transition to clarinet was easy for such a talented young lady!  We are all looking forward to many years with Cassandra in the group.  Her future is indeed a bright one!
Here's Cassandra showing off her dancing talents.  Knowing her, she probably cleaned off the trophy shelf in the background...
On the left, it's Cassandra the jukebox junkie!!  On the right, is that Madame Cassandra?
All smiles Cassandra!  On the right, she's waiting in line at the snowboarding championships for the ESPN2 Xtreme games!!!
(well, maybe not yet...)
Cassandra playing at the Valley Plaza Shopping Center for Christmas 2002
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