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Meet Charistel!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
1st clarinet
Charistel as one of the three sisters from a local dance production of "Cinderella"
Charistel is a very talented lady that comes from a very talented family.  Each one of her brothers and sisters is involved in music, and her older sister Catherine was a member of Fluteworks while her older brother Candie was the Delano Clarinet Choir percussionist from 1999-2000.  Charistel is also an excellent dancer, and she even plays a mean guitar!  When it comes to acting, watch out... Charistel will steal the show.  Charistel was a member of the Kern County Honor Band and has won scholarships from the Delano Music Memorial Association.  She takes her academics very seriously and still manages to have time for community service and school politics.
The Early Years
Charistel shows off her pigtails and big brown eyes.  Undoubtedly this picture was taken before she started on her clarinet!
Now that she's grown UP, let's hope she doesn't grow OUT!!
Charistel helps herself to unlimited seconds at the 1997 Key Club Regional Conference
Charistel at a practice for the 1997 Kern County Honor Music Festival (notice another clarinet choir member, Jemimah, off in the background!).
Cultural dancer extraordinaire, Charistel shows her talents at the annual Philippine Weekend barrio fiesta
Congratulations, Charistel!
Philippine Weekend Queen!
Here's Charistel posing with other members of the 2000-2001 Philippine Weekend Royal Court (bottom right).  Notice in the upper right is Eileen from Fluteworks!
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