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Meet Chrischelle!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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C clarinet
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Chrischelle is a new member of the Delano Clarinet Choir who has emerged as one of the true leaders in her elementary school band.  She often gives up her lunch recess to help out the beginners.  In addition, she is active in other school activites and comes from a musical family!  Her hobbies include hanging out with friends and family, spending time at the mall, and taking pictures with her friends and cousins (take a look below at some of the results!)  Welcome aboard, Chrischelle!
Trio of trouble !
(just kidding...)
Below and on the right, Chrischelle is helping out the beginners in September of 2004
Putting a message on the board for all to follow:
Practice at least 20 minutes each day!!!
Aleesha, Ashley, Kailey
(hey... who's the guy?)
Friends and Family
Belinda and Chris
Jennie and Jesa
Brother Mickey, Chrischelle, mom and dad
Jay, Karissa , Leslie, Lugem
... and as for her band family...