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Jenny and Jemimah:
Just the start of things to come as they play at their first performance for the
Delano Music Memorial spring concert in February of 1994
Back in the fall of 1993 I was blessed with two very young and talented students, Jenny and Jemimah.Within three weeks after starting on clarinet they were promoted to the advanced band, usually reserved for sixth graders. Although they were only in third grade at the time, they became the two best clarinet players in the school during the middle of the 1993-94 academic year, just five months after they played their first note. I could see the writing on the wall... I was going to have to find something challenging for them in their academic years ahead.
Jenny and Jemimah many years later as members of the Delano High School Band shown here in October of 1999 practicing for the Visalia halftime exhibition
In 1994 another promising music student, Melissa M., wanted to play clarinet but I had none available. All I had was an e-flat soprano clarinet, which is about 2/3 the size of a regular b-flat instrument. I told her that this small clarinet was all I had, and she took to it like a duck to water. These three girls performed "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" from Disney's "The Lion King" in the summer of 1995 as a clarinet trio. These three young ladies represent the core of the initial Delano Clarinet Choir.
In the fall of 1995 I had quite a talented group of clarinet players.  I was approaced by the Delano High School District who asked me if I had any performing groups that would be interested in playing for their annual career day, which was held at a local park and featured many celebrities and professionals from all over the county. I took my best ten clarinet players, put the manusript pen to paper, and began to write my first clarinet choir arrangements. After adding two more players and performing at the local Employment Development Department, the Kiwanis Festival of Carols (Christmas), and the 1996 Public Schools Week luncheon, I know we were ready to try for something really challenging... the K.C.M.E.A. Solo and Ensemble Rating Festival at Bakersfield College. After countless practices in my living room on Wednesday afternoons, we were ready. Not only did we receive a "Superior" rating, but we received superior marks in every category - like straight "A's" on a report card! Below is a picture of our charter members taken back in 1996 shortly after our superior rating.
The 1995-96 Delano Clarinet Choir
(our charter members)
Back row left to right:
Marissa, Pamela, Mr. Morrison, Erica, Joy. Middle row: Melissa M., Lucy, Michelle, Lynda.
Front row:
Jovi, Jenny Lynn, Jemimah, Jennifer Jane.
The Delano Clarinet Choir performs at the 1997 Delano Music Memorial Spring Concert
For the 1996-97 concert season, other accomplished players joined our group. Our twelve member group quickly became 26 practically overnight. The 1997-98 clarinet choir saw another dramatic growth spurt that nearly doubled this amount. In 2001, space was a concern as the church parish hall we practice at simply cannot seat more than 50 players comfortably.
Seen below is a picture of the group shortly after their performance in the Valley Plaza Shopping Center in Bakersfield, California in December of 2001.
The Delano Clarinet Choir continues to perform for local events. A listing of their future performances is shown within this website.
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