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After twelve years, hundreds of members, and countless performances I have finally decided to put down the baton on this wonderful group.  In the summer of 2008 the church we practiced at rented out the parish hall and we were stuck with nowhere left to rehearse.  Turning to our local schools for help, they would not sponsor us due to the liability.
I know this ensemble was considered the best instrumental performing group in our small town for many years, and there are many sad students out there who wish it would return.  My heart goes out to all those who were a part of this group, and a special thank you to the original twelve members who planted the seed back in 1994.  One of the highlights of my teaching career was that first performance at Disneyland in 1998, when most in the group were visiting the "Happiest Place on Earth" for the first time.
I may have been the driving force behind out success, but without the students commitment and dedication none of it would have been possible.
This website will remain on line for future visitors and for us to reminisce about the good times we had practicing and performing - no matter what age, what school, or what side of town we lived on.  We were the Delano Clarinet choir.
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The Delano Clarinet Choir is a group of accomplished clarinet players who practice on their own free time to better themselves and their musicianship.  Membership in the Delano Clarinet Choir currently stands at 51, with a waiting list as well.  Our ensemble consists of  2 Eb clarinets, 38 Bb soprano clarinets, 8 bass clarinets and 2 BBb contrabass clarinets.  In addition, we have one percussionist on drum set.
The Delano Clarinet Choir meets weekly in a local church parish hall for practice.  Although not a school group, the clarinet choir has students ranging in age from eight to eighteen.  We perform at many local civic events, as well as events in Bakersfield and even Disneyland in Anaheim, California.  If you want to learn more about how we got started and the creation of this group, please visit our
history page.
The Delano Clarinet Choir is led by Mr.Arnold  Morrison, a crazed music teacher who gives up a great deal of his spare time working with this group.  "I guess I can't get enough of a good thing!" exclaims Mr. Morrison.  "They are the best bunch of kids in the universe.  I have come to this conclusion after the harsh realization knowing they must tolerate my bad jokes on a weekly basis".