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The Delano Music Memorial Association
The Delano Music Memorial, started in June 1950, honors Helen Appleford.  This musician gave generously of her time and talents to enrich the musical life of her community.  Since that time the Delano Music Memorial has given away hundreds of scholarships to deserving young musicians who reside in the surrounding area.  Many of these students have gone on to become professional musicians, and some the appreciative audience.
The Early Years
Back in 1969, the Delano Music Memorial held an invitational Silver Tea fundraising event to commemorate the twentieth year of the Delano Music Memorial Association.  The purpose was to raise money for music scholarships.
Many former Delano Music Memorial scholarship recipients have gone on to establish music careers - such as Benita Valente, Charles Brady, Dean Marcellana, Elizabeth Gallardo, Justin Chaney, and many others.
Delano Music Memorial scholarship winners in 1979
The tradition continues
Melissa M. and Pamela perform their winning solos at the scholarship concert in February of 1998
The Delano High School Band with director Julia Ann Bland perform at a recent music memorial concert
On the left, Elizabeth receives her certificate of merit from D.M.M.A. president Esther Kolb.  On the right, Catherine of "Fluteworks" perfoms her winning solo
The Delano High School Choir, under the direction of Mr. Rene Gutierrez performs at a recent Delano Music Memorial concert.  Included in this selection is a flute solo played by Adoracion, one of the members of Fluteworks
The Delano Clarinet Choir performs at the 1999 Music Memorial concert while superintendent Sherrill Hufnagel looks on
As the director of the Delano Clarinet choir and local elementary school bands, I would like to sincerely thank the Delano Music Memorial for its continued support of aspiring young musicians in the Delano area.  your scholarships will no doubt continue to keep the spirit of music alive and well for local students, parents, and teachers.                Arnold Morrison