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Meet Elizabeth!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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A clarinet
Elizabeth has been a member of the Delano Clarinet Choir for eight years.  She has won scholarships and certificates of merit from the Delano Music Memorial Association and also enjoys playing in the Delano High School Band.  She likes hanging out with her friends - one of which conveniently lives right across the street!
WARNING:  Watch out when the nights grow longer, the air is cooler, and the leaves turn brown... she is our resident ghoul!  Just check out the picture below and you will see what emerges from this otherwise charming young lady...
The Early Years
Before becoming our local spookster, Elizabeth was the only third grade student to march in the Harvest Holiday parade of 1994, where the Delano Elementary Band received first place!!  She may have been small... but wow can she play!
With a smile as wide as can be, Elizabeth gets ready for the spring play in 1995
Caught by surprise, Elizabeth couldn't avoid the camera flash in June of 1998
Elizabeth (left) surrounded by her friends Emily, Julie, and Christine
Elizabeth and her cousins
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