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Meet Elsiemae!
Delano Clarinet Choir Member since

Part currently playing:

2nd clarinet
Here's Elsiemae with some of her friends - Janah, Beverly, and Lenie.  Her brother Walter is also in the group, so musical talent runs in the family!  Elsiemae enjoys having lots of friends and shopping at her favorite store in the mall... Sanrio!!
She is involved in the Filipino cultural dance troupe and enjoys being involved in many community activities.  Besides the clarinet she enjoys playing the piano as well.
The Early Years
On the left, Elsiemae showing her 'Pomp and Circumstance' graduating from preschool at the TAP center.  On the right, an early school picture that was at the top of her webpage for years!
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Elsiemae in her cultural attire waiting to dance with the Filipino Cultural Dance Troupe.  This group performs traditional Filipino dances during Philippine Weekend in July and at other times throughout the year.
Elsiemae with two of her best friends.  On the left, she is with Beverly (also in the clarinet choir), and on the right she is with Marvi.
Here's Elsiemae with some of her friends... and all are in the Delano Clarinet Choir!  Pictured are Janah, Elsiemae, Bibsy, and Lenie.
Before a field show... it was HOT!!!