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Delano Clarinet Choir
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Meet Emsa!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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2nd clarinet
Emsa is a new addition to our group and we are glad she is with us!  She has teamed up with her friend Amanda and both are excellent players.  Emsa, like Amanda, is also a partr of the Delano High School Winter Percussion.  Below you can see her in action  performing with that group.  Emsa is very versatile being able to play several instruments.  Wherever she is needed, she will do the job and do it well! 
Mmmmmmm good!
Are you hungry??  No stubborn bag of chips will keep Emsa from curing a bad case of the musichies
Pre-Vegas gambling?
Thinking about the music before the big performance at the Anime convention in 2004
Emsa and her friend Amanda in Las Vegas 2003
Emsa with her friends Natalie and Amanda
Checking out the instrument before the halftime show
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