The Encore music program
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I use Encore for a number of reasons - first and foremost, in my opinion it's the
most user-friendly music software on the market.  I also own Sibelius, Finale, and a
host of other music programs but Encore is simple yet gives you plenty of creative
options.  In addition, it's a small file (about 7MB) and can be easily downloaded
here. You can use Encore for a trial period and pay a modest fee if you decide to
continue using the program.   If you want to print out parts off this site in perfect
clarity you should consider downloading the Encore program file of each part and
score that you want. I also have each page saved as a .pdf file as well.

SPECIAL UPDATE NOTICE: Not all files available on this site were saved with the
latest version of Encore, but ALL files can be
opened with the latest version.  Also, if
a file appears 'blank' when you try to open it off the site, first SAVE it to your
computer and then open it.... I guarantee you it will work this way!
Thank you!        Arnold Morrison