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To begin, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this.  I created this page due to the enormous
number of e-mails I have been receiving in regards to myself and the arrangements I create.  Please understand that
as a music teacher working in a school district that runs on a single track year-round schedule, I am often busy with
performances even through traditional vacation periods.  Lately I have been receiving requests on the order of over
15 per day, and therefore cannot possibly fulfill all of them!  If there were 36 hours in a day, I'd love to - I enjoy
bringing the music of Final Fantasy into so many lives.  For those who have requests and I have not responded I
am sorry.  I will do the best I can with the free time I do have.
Frequently asked questions
How do I create my arrangements?

Most of what I do is done by ear.  I have what they call 'perfect pitch' (the ability to hear notes and write them
into manuscript).  This is how I am able to create music from even the most recent Final Fantasy games.  I also
create MIDI files from these music sheets, but MIDI is NOT my strongsuit.  I simply put MIDI files on my web
pages to aid those trying to learn the music that is available on them.

Is what I do legal?

I make NO PROFIT and ask NO MONEY for any of the arrangements that I create.  As a teacher, my passion is
to spread the enjoyment of Uematsu and other Final Fantasy composers to as many willing to learn as possible.  I
in no way offer my music as a replacement for the published scores (if available) and since most of my
arrangements are unique I am not in competition with Square-Enix.  I am, in fact, good advertising for their
games and their music which has undoubtedly profited from those who have viewed my pages.  I suppose a
sleazy lawyer could take my pages offline to the disappointment of many, but I have been in touch with
Squaresoft legal and so far so good.  Let's hope it stays that way.  Square has contacted me about a possible
contract arranging music, but I cannot ablidge them at this time.  I am a teacher at heart and have no intention of
leaving my students out in the cold to work for Square-Enix.  For those who wish to know more about me, I have
a Facebook page
here, and also a family web page for students here.

Who is the girl in the background?

That is the lovely Jenny Uclaray Leynes, who played the role of "Edea" from Final Fantasy VIII for our 2002
Winter Percussion and Halftime Exhibition field shows at
Delano High School.