No recent corrections have been brought to my attention since I have
reorganized and improved this website in August of 2012.
Please feel free to e-mail me with anything you may find to:
First and foremost, I want to say THANK YOU for the
e-mails on helping make this site the best it can be.  I truly
appreciate all errors being brought to my attention!!!
Arnold Morrison
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SPECIAL UPDATE NOTICE: Not all program files available on this site were saved with the
latest version of Encore (for more details on Encore, please go
here), but ALL program files can
opened with the latest version.  Also, if a file appears 'blank' when you try to open it off the
site, first SAVE it to your computer and then open it.... I guarantee you it will work this way!
I have FINALLY updated this site after months and months - thank you for your
patience.  The old scanned pages are now a thing of the past.  They have been
replaced with .pdf documents directly transferred from the Encore program files
which will result in MUCH cleaner printouts.  While I was undergoing the project I
also added a few more arrangements, so look around - you may be pleasantly
Some files may be in a .zip folder.  If you need a free .zip program, get it
A quick note about the MIDI files on this site
The MIDI files coupled with various arrangements may not be an EXACT note-for-note
rendition of the arrangement it is aligned with (but some are!).
The MIDI files are intended as a guide towards recognition of the melodies contained
within (some people may not know the titles, so this is another avenue they can use to
find the song they are looking for).
Final Fantasy XIII theme for piano is here!