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Valley Plaza Shopping Center
Christmas 1998
About Fluteworks - from their director
Whenever I hear renditions of  "The Lion King", "Beethoven Symphony No. 5", and particularly "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye", I will always remember these six lovely young ladies.  Starting in the middle of their eighth grade year we formed "Fluteworks", a flute choir made up of Delano's best and brightest.  At first, our group only had four members (Catherine, Adoracion, Odessa, and Eileen).  Our first performance was entertainment for a Kiwanis Builder's Club installation back in February of 1995.  Upon completion of this performance, it was obvious that these ladies wanted to continue their musical skills as a special group.  The other two members (Leslie and Jannie)  joined us a short time later and then the journey began.
The early days of Fluteworks
Fluteworks with their first "Superior"
May 1995
As the members of Fluteworks entered high school, I presented them with a real challenge.  I wrote out a very difficult arrangement of songs from Disney's "Lion King" which they practiced, and practiced, and practiced!  I think every member of the group will admit that their flute playing skills improved tremendously after having completed such a difficult piece, and to this day it is probably the hardest song they have ever attempted!
Fluteworks performing at the Delano Music Memorial annual scholarship concert 1998
Fluteworks enjoying themselves after a performance at SCICON
Now that the members of Fluteworks have left high school to pursue their dreams, I would like to personally  wish them all the best and to say thanks.  This group of talented young musicians has truly been a highlight of my teaching career.  Thanks for the ride, ladies.
Mr. Morrison
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