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Meet Heather!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
A clarinet
Heather is a fairly recent addition to the Delano Clarinet Choir, joining in February of 1998.  She really enjoys playing and is one of the groups most responsible members.  She likes playing the "A" part, because more often than not she gets to play the more exposed parts not found in the melodies played by the first and second clarinets.  Heather is a hard worker and can always be counted on in a pinch.  She joined at the same time her two best friends, Eliza and Roselyn did.  Heather is quite talented but is modest about her playing ability.  Truth be told - she's quite an accomplished musician!
The Early Years
Here's Heather in seventh grade playing a bass clarinet solo for a winter program in Earlimart back in 1994
Heather and company!
Here's Heather with three of her best friends - Eliza, Eileen and RoselynEileen is a member of Fluteworks and both Eliza and Roselyn are in the clarinet choir.
Heather as a princess of the 1999 Harvest Holiday royal court.  Heather also received an academic scholarship.  Congratulations!!
We can't keep Heather out of that Christmas spirit!
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