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Meet Jan!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
Bass clarinet
Jan has been a mainstay for the Delano Clarinet Choir and has proved to be one of its most valuable members.  He is the leader ofd the bass clarinet section, and all the other bass players look to him for guidance.  Jan was selected several times to play in the Kern County Honor Band as well as being a Delano Music Memorial scholarship winner for his talents.  In middle school he was chosen as the drum major for the Cecil Avenue Band and also plays the piano.  Jan is the musician most band directors only dream of having!
The Early Years
Here's Jan with his friend Nikka performing a duet at the annual Philippine Weekend Tiny Tots pageant.
They were also the emcees of the show!
To the right, here's Jan showing that he can handle a three alarm fire by taking the wheel of the old fire engine at the Delano Historical Society!
Jan during his first year of clarinet instruction, looks at the camera as he attempts another beginning exercise in September of 1997
Jan and Nikka (also in the clarinet choir) at their first communion.  Jan is still an active member of his local catholic church.
To the left and right, Jan with his cousin Adrienne (Jennifer's sister) are checking out the sights at Disneyland long before the clarinet choir did their annual performances there
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