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Meet Janah!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
2nd clarinet
Janah joined the Delano Clarinet Choir while she was still in elementary school.  Now in high school, she continues to play and hang around with her 'friends down the block' like Elsiemae and Lenie.  From the get-go, Janah has always been eager to help others - particularly beginners - with their music.  Just check out this picture below taken when Janah was in 5th grade...
Here's Janah with her friend Elsiemae right outside her bedroom at home
And a 1... 2... 3...!
Janah helps out the beginning clarinets in fifth grade and shows them how to keep a steady beat
Janah with some of her many friends
Sweatin' it out!
Graduation 2002 - Janah plays in the heat of the summer for the middle school graduations
Janah and her best friend Lenie, who is also in the clarinet choir
Other poses for the camera
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