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Meet Jayren!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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Bass Clarinet
Jayren has been a member of the clarinet choir for several years, and is cousin to Jemimah who was one of the group's charter members back in 1995.  Jayren does 'double duty' whenever the Delano High School Choir and the Clarinet Choir perform together, since he is multi-talented and belongs in both groups.  Jayren was the drum major for the Cecil Avenue Middle School Band during his eighth grade year in 2004.  Jayren is a big help to the group, choosing to play the bass clarinet!
Singing up a storm, you can spot Jayren in the middle of this photo with the Delano High School Choir
Here Jayren is in his choir robe playing with the clarinet choir at the Valley Plaza shopping mall in 2004.  Why the robe?  He also was performing with the Delano High School Choir as well!