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Meet Jemimah!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
2nd clarinet
Jemimah has been with the Delano Clarinet Choir from the very beginning, and I seriously doubt if the group would have started at all without her influence.  She became practically an instant musician overnight after being handed a clarinet at the beginning of her third grade year.  Along with her friend Jenny, these two young ladies rose to the top of their class and became the best clarinet players in their elementary school band before they completed their first year of music instruction.  Jemimah has won scholarships from the Delano Music Memorial Association and has received numerous superior ratings at the Kern County Solo and Ensemble Festivals every year since she began competing as a fourth grader in 1994.  Jemimah is also a member of the Cal State University Bakersfield Community Band along with her friend John who is also in the clarinet choir.  During the clarinet choir's first full year as a group (1995), Jemimah was considered the leader as the only first clarinet player.  Now that the group has increased in size fourfold, she has graciously agreed to allow others a chance to play first clarinet.  Jemimah is also a very talented artist, doing sketches and drawings in her spare time.
The Early Years
Jemimah lost in thought
November 1994
Jemimah before she knew the meaning of the word "Titanic"
Jeminah and Jenny have been best friends ever since the second grade.  Now that they are older, they truly realize the value of a close friendship.  They support each other like a team, but respect each other's differences.  This is why they are - and will continue to be - "Friends Forever".
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Former members
Jemimah (center) in a more recent photo with friends
Jemimah receiving a Certificate of Merit from the Delano Music Memorial in 1995.  In later years, she went on to win a scholarship
John and Jemimah, the leaders of the Delano Clarinet Choir, after their first concert with the Cal State University Community Concert Band.  They are the youngest members of this group, which is normally reserved for professionals, music teachers, and university music students.  The Delano Clarinet Choir director, Mr. Morrison, along with another clarinet choir member, Lucy, also play in this band.  Mr. Morrison is thrilled to see them all participate with such an elite group of musicians.