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Meet Jenny Lynn!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
2nd clarinet
Cruisin' To Success!
Seen here with Mr. Morrison way back in 1997, Jenny likes things fast paced.  She's a girl with a thirst for ACTION!  Jenny enjoys Sanrio stuff, singing "My Heart Will Go On" in several different keys all at once (on purpose, of course) and just being crazy!!
Jenny was featured on the front of our local newspaper, "The Delano Record" back in December of 1995 when she was caught on camera playing an instrument bigger than she was (an E-flat contra-alto clarinet) for a performance with the Delano Clarinet Choir.  She is seen here doing the bass line to "Jingle Bell Rock" during the annual "Festival Of Carols" winter program at the Delano High School auditorium.  During this time, the clarinet choir was in its first year with only twelve members.  now Jenny is a bit taller but is content to play the regular B-flat clarinet with the group.  Don't let her size fool you - Jenny is an excellent musician with lungs of steel!
Here's Jenny before the Kern County Honor Music Festival in March of 1999 checking out the program.  Don't worry, Jenny!  They didn't forget you!
Here's Jenny with her lifelong friend and clarinet choir companion, Jemimah.  These two have been best friends ever since the second grade and have been partner musicians since the third grade... They have both won scholarships from the Delano Music Memorial Association, received numerous superior ratings from the Kern County Solo and Ensemble Festivals and can play several different instruments.  They look out for each other, and one of their favorite pastimes is picking on another member of the clarinet choir, John Menard.
Jenny with some of her closest friends
Pictured above are:  Jemimah, Jenny, Nina, Karen, Donnalyn, and Anna
Jenny has been with the Delano Clarinet Choir since it was formed (see our history page) and was a member of the core trio in 1994 that started it all (along with Jemimah and Melissa M.)  As you can see here, Jenny is also an active member of the Delano High School Band!
Jenny (center) and her friends Joann, Roxane, Jemimah, and Christine.  All in the clarinet choir!
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