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Meet Joann!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
2nd clarinet
Joann has been playing the clarinet for a number of years, but has only recently joined the Delano Clarinet Choir.  She is an active member of the Delano High School Band, and is always quick to smile.  Joann was the Delano high School Junior Class President in 2002 and is also on the track team!  Don't mess with Joann... you won't be able to run away!
The Early Years
Here's Joann back in fifth grade practicing marching and playing at the same time.  Now it's become second nature to her!
Joann in a bad mood?  Must have been that broken reed...
Can you find Joann in this picture?  hint:  Look over on the right side in the middle row.  If you've got a shap eye you can also spot Christine, Jennifer Jane, and Roxane - other members of the clarinet choir who were also part of the Delano Junior Miss Court for the class of 2003.
Joann and Roxane smiling after the class of 2003 Junior Miss program.  To the right, Joann gives a friendly look before the start of the class of 2002 Delano High School graduation ceremony
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