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Meet Jovi!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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A clarinet
Jovi has been a member of the Delano Clarinet Choir from the get-go.  Besides being a talented musician, she is also a very skilled dancer.  Jovi spends a lot of time helping out her parents with the family business running a food store on main street in downtown Delano.  More often than not you will find Jovi there during non-school hours than you will find her at home.  Her mom, jocelyn, has always been helpful with the clarinet choir's annual trip to Disneyland, furnishing a rented van at her expense just to help out with transportation.  Jovi can also be seen on the Delano Clarinet Choir history page holding a bass clarinet and wearing her dance shoes!
I guess Jovi's making sure everyone reads the sign!
The Early Years
As you can see, jovi's smile has always been able to brighten up a rainy day!
Jovi cheers for the J.V. football game in the fall of 2000
Back on the SCICON trail...
Lions, and tiger, and bears?  Oh, my!!
Thanks, Jovi!!
Our trips to Disneyland would not be as easy if it wasn't for Jovi and her family.  They have always helped out by lending a hand to those who do not have rides for our many out of town performances.
Thank you so much!!
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