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Meet Karen M.!
Delano Clarinet Choir Member since

Part currently playing:

A  clarinet
Karen is a new member of the Delano Clarinet Choir who joined in March of 1999.  She is still in elementary school, but plays as if she is much older.  At home she is one of many, hanging out with lots of cousins and family.  Karen is a quiet young lady who can 'get the job done' with her clarinet playing.  Although she is one of the youngest in the group, she has no trouble playing side by side with high school students and sounding just as good.  Karen has a great smile and a great attitude.  She will no doubt be a vital part of the group for many years to come. Here on the right, Karen is warming up for a performance at the Almond Tree Middle School graduation in the summer of 2002.
A huge beginning clarinet sectional includes Karen in the middle of it all!  (If you have a good eye you can also spot three other members - Rachma, Jennifer C.,and Noel!
Anxious for the concert to begin, Karen shows up early to get in a few extra minutes of practice
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