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Meet Kayla C.!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since:
Part currently playing:
A clarinet
Kayla C. has only been in the group for a short time, but she has been a tremendous asset.  Special thanks go to her friend Karen for recommending her!!  Kayla is one of our unsung heroes, coming through on the "A" part which is so vital in most of our arrangements.  Kayla also enjoys being a member of the Cesar Chavez High School Titan Band and is looking forward to her band's growth and expansion - set to BUST OUT for the 2005-06 school year!!  We look forward to seeing you.... and your band.... doing great things now and in the future!
Kayla and friends at the L.A. Zoo.... who let them out of their cage??  Ha Ha Ha!!
Pictured are (L to R) top:
Denise, Jean, Catherine,
bottom:  Jason, Janah, Emmanuel
Sylvia, Katrina, and Edna
Kayla, Joy, Catherine, and Jean
Kayla, Edna, and Katrina
The Early Years
On the left is Kayla in a preschool picture.  I think that's back when she was about as tall as her clarinet.  Over on the right, just a bit older in first grade.  How cute!!
Kayla's friends Karen and Mark
Catherine, Karen, and Robelyn at a CCHS pep band football game (the goofball award goes to Robelyn, showing off her tongue for the camera)
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