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Meet Lha-Arnie!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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Bass Clarinet
Lha-Arnie has been in the Delano Clarinet Choir since one year after it was formed.  She has an older sister, Theresa, who is also in the group.  In her middle school years she was drum major for the Almond Tree Lion Band.  She has a future not only with music, but also stand-up comedy!!  There is never a dull moment when Lha-Arnie is around.  A parent who gave her a ride up to one of our SCICON performances said:  "I'll help drive students for you next year, as long as I get to take Lha-Arnie!".  She says she is very energetic, perky, and spunky... she speaks the truth.  If you like to laugh and be thoroughly entertained, just spend a few moments with Lha-Arnie.  She won't disappoint you.
The Early Years
Here's Lha-Arnie back in second grade marching in the Delano Christmas parade with her soprano recorder.  Even back then, she could barely stay still long enough for a picture (probably between jokes)..
Lha-Arnie living life in the fast lane
Lha-Arnie and her first lesson on the clarinet in August of 1995
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