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Meet Liza!
Delano Clarinet Choir Member since

Part currently playing:

3rd  clarinet
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Liza is a newcomer to the group, and enjoys playing in it along with her other friends from Almond Tree Middle School.  Liza likes playing third because it's quite a challenge, yet not so high that she'll break windows!  We are glad Liza is now a part of the Delano Clarinet Choir family.
On the right is Liza with some of her friends acting wild on the basketball courts at Almond Tree Middle School.  Below, Liza receives an award for band.... why are we not surprised?
The Early Years
I think this picture on the right was taken before she started on her clarinet... don't you?
Self-portrait ??
Here's Liza getting ready to march with the Almond Tree Middle School Band in the 2003 Cinco De Mayo parade.  Liza!  You're at attention, so stop that daydreaming...
Liza (right) with her friends Vanessa (Venus' sister), Joy, and Brenda (Melissa's sister).  It looks like the clarinet choir's extended family is also committed to excellence!