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Meet Lizette!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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C clarinet
Lizette is proof that good things come in small packages.  In fifth grade this year but still not four feet tall, Lizette would have performed with us at Disneyland in June of 2006 as a fourth grade student but did not meet the height requirement.  Hopefully she will reach the required 48 inches before June of 2007 when we will once again perform at Disneyland.  Lizette is a very talented young lady that really enjoys playing the clarinet.  It won't be long before she learns her high notes and will be playing right along with the high school students in the group, regardless of her size.  She has an older sister, Lyzel, who also is a newbie to the clarinet choir.  Together these two make quite a team, and we're looking forward to having them in the group for years to come.
Barely taller than her clarinet, Lizette prepares to march with the Almond Tree Middle School Band in the Cinco De Mayo parade back in May of 2006.  We had to place her in the middle of the group where she was shielded by more experienced marchers.
Congratulations to Lizette who received an "outstanding band student" trophy at the end of her fourth grade year.  At the rate she's going, no doubt she will get another one to add to her collection soon...
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