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Meet Lyzel!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
Bass Clarinet
Lyzel is a recent addition to the clarinet choir, in fact - she came highly recommended by her middle school band director!  Lyzel comes from a family of musicians, and her younger sister Lizette is also new to the group.  Lycel is seen above playing the contra-alto clarinet in the 2006 Almond Tree Middle School graduation.  Someday she will play an even bigger instrument for the clarinet choir, namely the contrabass!  Lyzel's future looks bright with the clarinet choir and we are looking forward to having her with us for a long time.
Lyzel showing her 'game face' during a rehearsal for the Cinco De Mayo Parade in 2006
On the left, Lyzel with her little (and I do mean little) sister Lizette posing for a quick shot after practicing for the Cinco De Mayo parade in April of 2006.  On the right they pose for a quick shot after the 2006 G.A.T.E. festival
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Getting ready for the 2006 CMEA rating festival in the warm-up room, Lyzel smiles for a quick picture