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Meet Marvi!
Delano Clarinet Choir
Member since:
Part currently playing:
C clarinet
Like many others who have joined the clarinet choir, Marvi's main instrument is NOT clarinet... but she's off to a great start in our group!!  She has always had some of her best friends in the group and now she's glad to be with them as an active member.  Marvi's best friend, Elsiemae, has been in the group for some time and is a big help to Marvi on clarinet.  Glad you are with us, girl!
Helmets and a gumball machine... do you put your money in and they come out like bullets?
Marvi and her best friend Elsiemae
Pretty ladies!
Ruining the box springs are Janah, Marvi, Lenie, Stacy, Elsiemae and Bibsy - all in the clarinet choir!!
Let's table this for further review..
On campus calamity!
Do I see Janah and Elsiemae?
Marvi must have LOTS of friends..
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