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Meet Melissa A.!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
Contrabass clarinet
Melissa A. has enjoyed being a member of the Delano Clarinet choir for many years.  She has won certificates of merit from the Delano Music Memorial Association and has been selected for the Kern County Honor Band playing the contrabass and regular clarinets.  Although she likes the contrabass, she says it gets a bit tough sitting on a stool for hours of practice.  Melissa comes from a very musical family.  Her older brother Michael was the principal chair trumpeter for the Delano High School Band and her younger sister Brenda is the best flute player in her school as well.
Melissa A. competing with the tubas for the lowest notes in the Kern County Honor Band
Here's Melissa with two of her friends Melody and Elizabeth who are also in the Delano Clarinet Choir
Congratulations, Melissa!
Awwww!!  How cute!
This was Melissa back in her younger days when a clarinet was bigger than her from head to toe
Melissa was chosen as Delano's 2003 Harvest Holiday Queen!  Below is a picture of the 2003 Harvest Holiday Royal Court
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