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Meet Melody!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
1st clarinet
Melody has been in the clarinet choir a long time (8 years) and she has been a vital part of the group since she first joined it.  Melody was also a member of the Kern County Honor Music Festival and has received certificates of merit from the Delano Music Memorial Association.  She was also a four year member of the Delano High School Band and includes being a varsity cheerleader on her resume!  She is amazingly talented, enjoys keeping busy, but likes to snooze in the late afternoons.
The Early Years
Here's Melody in her younger days playing "Wendy" in her elementary school's production of Peter Pan
Melody takes time out for a quick dip in the pool!
Waiting patiently for the start of the honor band concert backstage
Melody with her good friend Melissa A.
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