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Meet Mildred!
Delano Clarinet Choir Member since

Part currently playing:

Contrabass  clarinet
Mildred is one of the mainstays of the Delano Clarinet Choir.  Besides playing her clarinet, she enjoys rollerblading, drawing, and cooking!  She loves pepperoni pizza (don't we all) and being with her friends.  Her favorite store in the mall is the "Sweet Factory", so I guess eating AND cooking are both on her list of favorites!  She says that when she's ready for a car she'd like to have a convertible - so let's just hope she doesn't stop traffic with her good looks!  She enjoys school and likes being a part of the band as well as the clarinet choir.
The Early Years
Graduating so soon?  She must be a child genius!!
Patiently waiting to march in the Santa Cruzan
Mildred, Aubree, and Trisha  July 1998
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Here's Mildred with some of her friends during the annual Philippine Weekend festival in July.
Hey... I think one of those friends of hers is
Liza from the clarinet choir...
Mildred (right) and her beautiful lady friends all ready for a night on the town
Above - Mildred's CRAZY KIN FOLK..
Mildred (left) with her friends Rosemarie and Joe-bell
On the leftt, Mildred practicing her future poses.  On the right, Mildred in a recent pose as a tennis bum!
On the right, all dressed up and loking great!
Here's a shot of Mildred back in her middle school days sweating it out playing for the Cecil Avenue Middle School graduation.  She takes it all in stride...