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A quick history of our fearless leader,
Mr. Morrison (a/k/a/ Mr. Doofus)!
Arnold Morrison and his first attempt at vocal music (not that he's any better at it today)
They took me from my warm, warm cot
And sat me on the cold, cold pot
And told me to wee wee....
Whether I had to OR NOT!
Born in 1955, I'm as old as Disneyland!!
My sister and I spend the day "strollin' in the park"
Boy, Santa! You've got
major breath issues!
Eighth grade gradulation!
I had to play a piano solo....
I was nervous...
I guess my vocal attempts did improve... Here I am singing in the opera "Tosca" at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in the Los Angeles Music Center
Marching with the Palos Verdes High School Band
(I'm the little one in the middle...)
My senior picture from Palos Verdes High School taken in 1972
(yes... they had color pictures back then...)
Our Lhasa-Apso dog "Dandylion" as a puppy
My sister and I, now out of our strollers (my wife may beg to differ....) ha!
After graduating from college and getting a Master's Degree, this mad conductor is getting his feet wet in Delano 1981
Family portrait 1999
L to R (back):Suzanne Villaruz, Lounito Villaruz, Anthony Gonzales, Arleen Gonzales.
(front): Arnold Morrison, Nicole Villaruz, Juanita Villaruz,
Aaron Gonzales, Aubree Gonzales.
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