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Meet Noel!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
B clarinet
Noel has been in the Delano Clarinet Choir for several years.  His family has always been very helpful, particularly when it comes to transportation and needing to be there in a crunch!!  Noel had the prestigious honor of being chosen "Student Of the Year" at his elementary school in 1997.  He has an older brother who is a teacher at Almond Tree Middle School in Delano.  During the summer of 1999 noel broke his arm in two places out on the playground (ouch!!).  Now that he has long since recovered, his musical talents are back as well as his kind nature in helping stack chairs, stands, and anything else that needs putting away after concerts and rehearsals.  Thanks, Noel!
The Early Years
Noel concentrating heavily on the music during his first few weeks with his clarinet
Noel showing off his Christmas spirit at the Valley Plaza shopping mall in 1997
(with a name like 'N
how could he resist?)
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