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Meet Paola!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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C clarinet
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Paola has been playing the clarinet since third grade, and has joined the clarinet choir formally this year (she sat in last year to 'test' the waters).  Paola has an older sister, Adriana, who is currently playing the contrabass.  She enjoys hanging out with her friends like Chrischelle, who is also new to the group this year.  Paola is also active in a local mariachi band playing guitar - so she is certainly multi talented!  Welcome, Paola!
Above, Paola plays her part by the piano.  To the right, she's all smiles for her school picture
The Early Years
Awwww.... how cute!
Whaddya mean the terrible two's?!  I was an angel (wink wink)!!
Christmas card cutie