The Robert F.
High School Band
2008-09 Our first year as a school...  and a band!
2008-09  Mr. Justin Witt, Director
2009-11  Mr. Freddy Medina, Director
2011-13  Mr. Mark Alexis Booc, Director
2013-18  Mr. Marlex Booc, Director
2018 - present Mr. Kevin Vue, Director
2009-10  Getting bigger and better!!
Our first field show titled
"Supernatural Santana"
Our field show
"The Music of Queen"
plus the 2012 Winter Percussion
2011 Band Camp link here!
Our field show
"Foo Fighters"
plus the 2013 Winter Percussion
2012 Band Camp link here!
Our field show
"The Night Is Young"
plus the 2014 Winter Percussion
2013 Band Camp link here!
Our field show
plus the 2015 Winter Percussion
"Great Spirit"
2014 Band Camp link here!
Our field show
"British Invasion"
plus the 2016 Winter Percussion
and the  2016 Colorguard
"Slipping Away"
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2016 Our field show
"Cosmic" plus the 2017
Winter Percussion and the  
2017 Colorguard
2015 Band Camp link here!
2016 Band Camp link here!
2017 Our field show
"The Tour"
plus the 2018 Winter
Percussion show
"The Tin Man's Heart"
2017 Band Camp link here!
The district has chosen to do an independent
winter colorguard group beginning in 2018,
combining the talents of all three comprehensive
high schools.  The link below is dedicated to the  
2018 DJUHSD colorguard!
The 2018 Winter Colorguard Show "The Last Goodbye"
2018 Band Camp link here!
2018 Our field show
"Beginnings" plus the 2019
Winter Percussion show
"The Beast In The Beauty"
2019 Our field show "Cause And Effect" plus
the 2020 Winter Percussion show "Broken" and our
2020 Winter Colorguard show "Movement"