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Meet Rachma!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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A clarinet
Rachma was the youngest member of the Delano Clarinet Choir to ever start in the group, joining when she was only six years old!!
Back then she enjoyed playing the Eb clarinet because it is the smallest.  In the middle of her second grade year she was accomplished enough to be one of the best players in the sixth grade band at her elementary school.  Rachma is also quite an accomplished piano player and her piano teacher can't say enough good things about her talent and playing ability.  She is looking forward to auditioning for a
Delano Music Memorial Scholarship when she is old enough to qualify, but receiving a superior rating at the Kern County Solo and Ensemble Festival at the age of seven is quite unique!
Rachma also enjoys being the 'section leader' and helping tutor others that are many years older than she is.  She has an older sister, Charisse, who is also a musician.  Although she probably doesn't like being called one of the 'babies' of the family, she has been with us for seven years and enjoys sitting in the prestigious 'front row' with all the high school players!
The Early Years
Although not physically ready to handle a wind instrument, at the age of five Rachma joined the elementary band as a bell player.  Since she was already taking piano lessons, learning the notes for her was a snap!
On the left, Rachma in a recent parade with the Cecil Avenue Middle School Band.  On the right, Rachma during her second year of band in 1997.  Now on clarinet and at the top of her class at the ripe old age of six!
Rachma and Melissa M., the two Eb clarinet players, playing during the Christmas season and up in the mountains of SCICON.  Melissa M. was like a Clarinet Choir 'big sis' to Rachma for many years before she went off to college.
Here's Rachma with two of her friends, Cassandra and Karen
Rachma dancing for the 1999 Philippine Weekend Barrio Fiesta
Rachma performing live at Disneyland in June 2000
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