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Meet Rizza!
Delano Clarinet Choir Member since

Part currently playing:

3rd  clarinet
Rizza may be new to the clarinet choir, but she has been a  musician for quite some time - starting on flute when she was only in third grade!  She is cousin to John Menard, so musical talent runs in the family.  Rizza is also a member of Fluteworks - The Next Generation, so during performances she will be bouncing back and forth between both groups just like Sylvia.  Rizza is one you would call the 'quiet type', but she certainly isn't shy about the way she plays.  Welcome aboard, Rizza!  Glad to have you as a member of the clarinet choir family!
Rizza... WHAT IS THAT?!
As a member of Fluteworks, Rizza plays the bass flute seen here during a performance at the Valley Plaza Shopping Center in December of 2004..  What she does with this instrument is truly amazing - she's got lungs of steel!!
Normal Rizza in 2002.
Crazy Rizza in 2004.
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