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Meet Robelyn!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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Bass  clarinet
Robelyn is a great addition to the Delano Clarinet Choir.  She loves to laugh and enjoys time with her friend Karen who is also in the group.  Robelyn spends a lot of her vacation time hanging out in the music room and helping out Mr. Morrison.  She also enjoys playing the piano (she can REALLY play) and trying out the bass clarinet.  She played regular Bb clarinet when she started in the group, but now she plays the bass!
Robelyn (in pink) accompanied by some of her friends - many of which are in the clarinet choir - such as Elsiemae (below Robelyn), Janah (along side Robie), Vanessa (center bottom), and Karen (bottom right)!
Robelyn comes from a very musical family!  She is seen here in her younger days with her cousin Genesis.  He also plays the piano along with the flute.  Genesis has two sisters who are also members of the Delano Clarinet Choir, Angelique Joy and Abigail.
Here's Robie back when she was a wee little girl.  This picture was on the top of her web page for years.  Now she's all grown up, but I just couldn't take this one off her page... It's soooooo cute (and she still is...)!
August 1998:  Robelyn's first clarinet lesson
Adventures in
Robie with her friend Liza
Robelyn waits for the start of the big parade in 2003 as a freshman at Delano High School.  Now she goes to C.C.H.S.! 
Robie and Janah acting normal
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