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Meet Roselyn!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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A clarinet
Roselyn has been with the Delano Clarinet Choir for several years, joining when her friends Eliza and Heather did back in early 1998.  Together these three play as a team... they even play the same part and sit together!  Roselyn enjoys being a part of the group and comes from a very musical family.  She enjoys sports and being chosen as the drum major for the Delano High School Band 1999-2000!  By the looks of some of these pictures you know she can handle the leadership role - no problem.  When Roselyn talks.... students listen, particularly when she shouts out the all to familiar:
"BAND!!  Atten..... HUT!!"
The Early Years
Even as a little girl, you can sense her command discipline that will emerge in the near future!!  We know that even the roughest boot camp will just be a stroll in the park for Roselyn...
Roselyn all dressed up for the winter formal
Roselyn learns that being a counselor at SCICON doesn't mean you get fancy accomodations!
50 miles an hour?!  But officer, I haven't even been out here an hour!
Roselyn in ACTION!!!
Roselyn as a Harvest Holiday princess and drum major for the Delano High School Band
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