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Meet Stacy G.!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
C clarinet
Stacy G. joined the Delano Clarinet Choir in 1999.  She started clarinet in 1998 and is also very helpful with other projects such as the Albany Park Elementary School yearbook.  Her father is quite a computer whiz, and contributed in a big way to this web page.   His digital camera is responsible for many of the pictures you see here.  Stacy enjoys talking on the phone and being with friends.  She has since moved on from elementary school, but we will miss her at Albany Park!
The Early Years
When we say "The Early Years" WE MEAN IT!!
Here's Stacy right before she learned how to play her high notes (yeah, right...)
Stacy while still young, but probably aware of the "bear necessities"
Stacy marching in the 1999 Philippine Weekend parade
Notice who's also jammin' with Stacy?  It's Robelyn and Beverly!
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