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Meet Sylvia!
Delano Clarinet Choir
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1st clarinet and
Sylvia is one of the most dedicated members of  the Delano Clarinet Choir, and learned clarinet after she played the flute for several years.  She also plays piano, so she's quite a well rounded musician!  Sylvia has been chosen as 1st flute in our flute choir "Fluteworks- The Next Generation".  She is a great student, and we are all looking forward to her future success!
The Early Years
Here's Sylvia's Kindergarten picture.  How cute!  She's grown up (and I do mean UP) quite a bit since then...
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Above is Sylvia receiving a scholarship from the Delano Music Memorial Association in 2002.  On the left, Sylvia is gearing up on her violin for another mariachi band performance!
Sylvia and the C.C.H.S. Student Body Officers for 2005-06.  Sylvia is the one in purple on the left.  Also pictured is Student Body President Jessica Nunez (in red), sister of Odessa Nunez, one of the original Fluteworks members!
On the left, Sylvia waits pateintley in the hot sun with her clarinet at the onset of the Almond Tree Middle School Graduation in 2002
Delano Clarinet Choir
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