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Meet Theresa!
Delano Clarinet Choir
member since
Part currently playing:
3rd clarinet
Theresa has been with the Delano Clarinet Choir for several years.  She is quiet, responsible, and loves to smile.  She has a younger sister Lha-Arnie who is also in the group and is quite a character (take a look at her page and you'll see what I mean!).  Theresa also enjoys playing basketball and takes her academics very seriously.  She has been a past class president and will no doubt be a leader in the near future.  Her hobbies include chatting online and surfing the net!
The Early Years
August 1995
Theresa and her early lessons on the clarinet...
watch out for broken reeds!
Sunglasses in need of quick repair at the track meet
May 1995
Wet n' WILD!
Theresa holding her nose in mid-flight about to make a big splash!
Theresa, along with other clarinet choir members, test their acrobatic skills after a performance at SCICON
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