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Meet Vanessa!
Delano Clarinet Choir Member since:
Part currently playing:
3rd  clarinet
Vanessa comes from a very musical family.  Her brother Ronald plays drums in the middle school band, and her cousins play instruments as well.  Vanessa is an excellent student, and she has been selected as student of the month several times.  She sometimes grimmaces when told to play high notes, but her determination wins out over her little fingers - she can play them now!  She has certainly improved a great deal and is looking forward to playing at Disneyland this year..
Vanessa marching in the 2002 Kiddie Parade with the Almond Tree Middle School Band
The Early Years
Vanessa and her friend Monisha.  Monisha is also a musician
Below, a young Vanessa waits in line for the start of the Cinco De Mayo parade
Above is Vanessa back in 1998 huffing and puffing away during her first few lessons on her clarinet.  Below, Vanessa puts away her instrument after a sectional in third grade
Here's Vanessa with her friends in a recent picture.  She has grown up to be quite a beautiful young lady!
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